AFCEASTEM.org is a collaboration among government, military, and industry professionals for the advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

AFCEASTEM.org's mission is to empower and engage our nation’s youth in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), while instilling in them a life-long passion and curiosity for applying scientific and technical aptitude in solving real-world challenges.

Most of the technology we use in our daily lives, including the internet, Global Positioning System (GPS), smart phones, wireless headsets, virtual reality, and voice recognition was developed in the context of national defense, homeland security, and the space industry.

AFCEASTEM.org in partnership with the Dayton Wright AFCEA Chapter is hosting the first of many AFCEA Robotics Challenges (ARC).

Through this STEM initiative AFCEASTEM.org is committed to giving back to the Dayton, OH community with the hopes that it will benefit the people that serve our country.

About AFCEA Robotics Challenge (ARC)
AFCEA STEM is hosting the first of many robotics challenges for children enrolled in Grades 4-6 in the Dayton School District in Autumn 2019.

The ARC seeks to foster a creative and interactive environment where participants can gain real-world experience with innovative technologies.

No cost to participants
ARC is funded entirely from contributions from our sponsors and partners.

There is no cost to participate in the challenge.

Win awards/trophies for your team
Through a series of competitions, teams will be eligible to win awards/trophies for their accomplishments.

Prepare with virtual learning workshops
The ARC is aimed at providing a series of virtual self-paced workshops throughout the Summer of 2019 to anyone that wishes to learn to code.

The workshops will lay out essential foundational knowledge in coding, building the NodeBot, and will prepare participants for the challenge.

No experience is necessary
Any child enrolled in Grades 4-6 as of Fall 2019 school year is eligible to participate.

Each team will be comprised of three to five team mates and a coach.

Self-paced learning workshops, mentors, and team leads guide participants to build their bot, program it, and test their bot in battle against their opponents' bots.
ARC promotes the precepts of STEM and encourages contestants to:

Think like an Engineer
Learn to Code
Apply the Scientific Method
Use the right Technology

Get Involved

The AFCEA STEM and AFCEA Robotics Challenge is made possible by the generous philanthropic contributions from our sponsors.
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The AFCEA STEM and AFCEA Robotics Challenge is made possible by the donation of time, resources, and services from our partners.
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